Kick-off Meeting, Small Business Development Centre for Young Entrepreneurs, USAK

Title of the project: Small Business Development Centre for Young Entrepreneurs

Kick-off Meeting 08-09.05.2018 USAK Chamber of commerce and Industry, USAK

The aim of the kick-off meeting is to introduce the project partners to the objectives and the activities of the project and their implementation during the 2-years duration of the project.

The project will be developed according to the distribution of tasks and activities already agreed between the partners and presented in the approved application form.Each partner has a leading role of one or more activities, supported by the project applicant USAK University. The meeting supported the correct and effective planning of the project activities, as brainstorming of the main outputs that will be developed in the first year of the project implementation. The partners are introduced to the main management rules and financial procedures, that will be implemented and the templates to be used. The Project Handbook had been officially introduced and shortly explained. The next steps had been planned and meetings were scheduled.

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