ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is the most widely used quality management standard that sets out the requirements that a business must operate in order for its end product (or service) to meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders. It is applicable to all types of businesses, institutions, organizations regardless of size and activity.

Basic principles of the standard

Principle 1: Focus on the Customer
Principle 2: Leadership
Principle 3: Involvement of Human Resources
Principle 4: Process-centric approach
Principle 5: Systematic Management Approach
Principle 6: Continuous Improvement
Principle 7: Decision Making based on data
Principle 8: Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

Benefits of applying it to the business
  • Enhance of the reputation of a business by securing customer confidence.
  • Opportunities to penetrate international markets as business image and credibility improve.
  • Reduction of production costs due to optimization of resource management and time.
  • Improving of employee awareness of quality management.
  • Increase of customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of processes based on the implementation of objective monitoring and measurement mechanisms, and thus upgrading the processes of the company in order to generate added value.