Creative Workshops for Adults and Primary School Children

Craft Hub: A Resounding Success with Inspiring Workshops for All Ages!

The International Craft Fair, “CRAFTHUB: Investigating Craft Practices Across Europe,” achieved tremendous success, accompanied by captivating creative workshops for adults and primary school children.
This multifaceted event provided participants with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of crafts, explore the exhibition, and actively engage in hands-on workshops covering basketry, origami, collage, and other artistic techniques. The workshops were led by the talented instructors Evita Stavrou, Vassilis Karkatselis, Vasiliki Skopi, and Konstantia Vlachidou.

The Crafthub project, a creative European initiative, aims to promote inclusive and high-quality education for all, offering valuable skills and knowledge to enhance employment prospects and personal growth. Thus far, the project has successfully implemented innovative training courses focused on social inclusion, centered around manual skills. These courses serve as a universal language and a means of informal learning and social interaction, fostering social cohesion and community engagement.

The exhibition was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of CUBE Ngo and CrafTopia Hub, garnering the support and endorsement of the Tourism Promotion & Marketing Organization of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, and the Cultural Centre of the Region of Central Macedonia. This collaboration strengthens the cultural and artistic community within the region, serving as a platform for the promotion and celebration of arts and crafts.

To stay updated on all the exciting creative activities, we invite you to follow the Craft Hub page on social media. Join us on this artistic journey and unleash your creativity!

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