Participation of OECON Group in the creation of the “Next Generation EU Guide”

OECON Group, as a member of the “European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC)”, has contributed to the creation of the “Guide to Next Generation EU”. The pandemic caused by COVID-19, has led to an unprecedented health and economic crisis in our society. Companies of all sizes and entire sectors have been impacted by the pandemic, which have prompted to the creation of the recovery plan “NextGenerationEU”. The plan constitutes a lifetime opportunity to overcome this crisis, strengthen and transform our economy, making it greener, more digital and more resilient, creating new opportunities and more jobs, which raises the European Union’s budget to €2.018 trillion in current prices, the largest economic stimulus ever funded by the EU.

With the cooperation of experienced consultants, taking into consideration the complexity involved in the implementation of these funds in terms of governance, type of investments and reforms, budgets, etc., the “EAIC” has produced a guide to assist the Commission in informing the sector about how these stimulus measures would be implemented in Member States, as well as existing synergies (priorities, instruments and countries). As part of this project, our company contributed to the presentation of Greece’s Recovery Plan, which aims to inform Greek companies about the reforms, investments, along with the European funds available.

You can find the “Guide to Next Generation EU” in the following link:

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