The project Talking Hands aims to develop and promote sign language courses through electronic tools, addressed mainly to relatives, friends and colleagues of deaf persons. These courses will be available on the project platform for everyone without any restrictions and at any time anyone will be able to have access to relevant material that will help him to gain basic knowledge of sign language for the topic of interest. The aim of the project is to increase the sense of belonging of people with hearing impairment by providing to their surroundings the possibility to learn basic sign language concepts in order to overcome any communication barriers between the two sides.


01/10/2022 – 30/09/2024

Target Groups:

Relatives, friends, colleagues of deaf persons, as well as everybody else who is interested to learn basic elements of the sign language, relevant associations, institutions and public bodies that support deaf persons.


  • I.E.R.F.O.P. ONLUS (Italy) 
  • OECON Group (Greece)
  • Univerzitetni rehabilitacijski institut Republike slovenije-Soca Fundacja (Slovenia)  
  • Polskiego Języka Migowego (Poland)
  • Hrvatski savez gluhoslijepih osoba “Dodir” (Croatia)
  • Sensus, Region Stockholm-Gotland (Sweden)