“Cultural footprint” is a young entrepreneurial development project for emerging artists, which aims to develop an enterprising mindset among young artists and encourage them to take responsibility for their own success and life achievements. It applies a four-step methodology that improves youngsters’ skills and helps them realize their first enterprising ideas: the first step is to inspire them, the second to teach them practical skills, the third is to mentor them and the fourth to network them and show them new horizons and perspectives. The learning by doing process is accomplished in cooperation with business incubators and entrepreneurs, who show in practice how enterprise and product process work. The project idea is about young promoting entrepreneurship individual tutoring, digital skills upgrading and creativity thinking among youth cultural workers and emerging artists (in the role of learners) and business experts (in the role of trainers) who had faced the difficulties of the post COVID-19 period in terms of cooperation, workload, and financial incomes.


  • SENSUS, (Sweden)
  • SPOLEK ZAEDNO, (Czech Republic)
  • STICHTING INCUBATOR, (Netherlands)
  • OECON Group, (Greece)


Target Group: Young artists, emerging artists, CCs workers, freelancers


Duration: 01/03/2022-29/02/2024