OECON Group provides consulting services to individuals, startups and established companies.

Due to the size of our firm, we can offer the varied, personal and customised business consulting services that a growing company needs, meeting our clients’ requirements. Our business consulting team provides a full range of hands-on support across all functions of a business, including: Business Consulting, Business Coaching and Mentoring.

Business Consulting

Our company provides personalized business consulting services to aspiring and new entrepreneurs who are now planning their business career, but also to professionals who want to redirect their business action. Our goal is to support small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the ever-changing market challenges, to appeal to customers across the country’s borders, and to build and implement a sustainable development model. Our method stands out because it responds to the individual needs and goals of each entrepreneur, giving them skills, know-how and access to alternative sources of funding.

The consultation takes place in individual sessions with a specialized Counselor on issues related to:
  • Supporting the elaboration of business plans and the development of a business model
  • Maturation of our customers’ business ideas and the formation of sustainable business plans
  • Design and implementation of Market Research and the development of a Marketing plan
  • Study of funding opportunities and sources and the creation of a funding plan
  • Development and creation of partnerships according to the individual needs of our customers
  • Extroversion of our customers’ businesses
  • Utilization of European Financial Instruments
Business Coaching

OECON Group experts provide personalized business coaching services to companies aiming at their effective organization and management. Our company helps entrepreneurs to increase the productivity of their businesses, thus properly establishing the procedures that will allow them to work in a more coordinated way, without spending unnecessary hours and effort.

Coaching takes place in individual sessions with a specialized business coach on issues related to:
  • Re-programming and organization of their business
  • Improving corporate communication
  • Staff recruitment and evaluation
  • Sales in existing and new clients
  • Financial planning and control
  • Optimization of the production process
  • Quality control
  • Public relations
Business Mentoring

OECON Group provides to its customers business mentoring services. Our experienced and specialized mentors offer their services to people who want to improve their professional and social life, change careers, seize opportunities, and develop competences and skills that they didn’t know they had. Each mentor undertakes, for a period of three to six months, to support a candidate or a new entrepreneur or a group, with the goal of transferring his/hers experience from the “market” to our clients who are in the early stages of their business.


Mentoring takes place in individual or group sessions with a specialized mentor on:
  • Finding out our customers’ needs
  • Transmission of know-how and useful tips for dealing with important problems
  • Study, adaptation, and implementation of good practices
  • Improving our customers’ network
  • Building a human relationship between professionals with common issues and problems
  • Strengthening the responsibility of our customers to deal with difficult situations