Project “NEXT STEP teaching and learning: Preparing immigrants and refugees for higher education through gamification” has been developed as an answer to the growing needs and challenges concerning the integration of immigrants, refugees and other socially excluded groups such as Roma into the education and employment of the countries they live in. In this regard, and based on previous valuable experiences of the consortium, we aim to conduct primary research, design and develop an educational two-dimensional (2-D) serious video game in the spirit of gamification, and pilot it on the field with the target groups in order to disseminate it widely before publishing it online, freely available for anybody interested to access it. The game will be an innovative educational tool that will stimulate learning through a fun and relaxed way, while also enhancing the literacy and ICT skills of the participants. This way, it will prepare them for the transition into higher education and their overall integration by teaching academic vocabulary, related terminologies and other country-specific information.

Target Groups: Refugees, Migrants, Roma, Third Country Nationals, other vulnerable groups


– UCLL (Belgium)
– OECON Group (Bulgaria)
– Lighthouse of the World (Greece)
– Medborgarskolan (Sweden)
– INN University (Norway)
– KM Group (Turkey)

Duration: 01/11/2018 – 30/11/2020