The project AgriTradeNet aims to increase the capacity of the local producers, their opportunities for geographi¬cal certification & identification and the establishment of links between the business organizations in the Black Sea Basin, by supporting the work of these producers. The key issue is to create links between regional brands and the local community to support their promotion and further development. Certified local products can influ¬ence local business development and affect production posi¬tively e.g. increase their value, strengthen rural integration and valorize local resources.

Therefore, the overall objective of the project is to increase the capacity of local producers and to foster the coopera¬tion between business, producers’ organizations and local authorities for regional branding and transnational trading of agricultural products.


– Traders’ Association of Thessaloniki (Greece)
– Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bourgas (Bulgaria)
– Galati Foundation for the Promotion of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises (Romania)
– AO CCA (Moldova)
– Demirkoy Municipality (Turkey)
– Institute of Market Problems and Economic & Ecological Research (Ukraine)

Target Groups: Farmers, Agricultural & Professional Associations, Local Public Authorities, Chambers, Business Support Organizations

Duration: 02/08/2018 – 01/12/2020