Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU

The Project PAL is aiming to develop a comprehensive approach and endorse a number of goals in education, employment in order to speed up Roma Integration and support the implementation of national Roma inclusion strategies and the Council Recommendation of Roma Integration.
The project aims to support Roma youth participation of different levels, by gathering qualitative data about approaches and practices of Roma youth and supporting initiatives where Roma participation is key to long-term change.

The Specific Objectives of the project involve:

• Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism.
• Enhancing multi-stakeholder cooperation.
• Promoting common democratic values, strengthening fundamental rights and consolidating the rule of law are horizontal concerns for the participant countries.
• Debating the way forward for the European network for Roma social Inclusion.
• To develop capacities for Roma participation at regional and local level.
• To develop data and information on forms, approaches, challenges of Roma participation.
• To raise awareness among relevant stakeholders concerning the need to assure annual access to education and employment.
• To train and transfer skills on desegregation to trainers and other stakeholders at grassroots levels in order to achieve Roma’ children and youth integration in education and employment process.

The expected results of the project PAL can be summarized as following:

• Fostering mutual understanding, through cross-community mediation, work with Roma children, women, community of educational and employment activities and their awareness raising through more than 100.000 people
• Countering stereotypes and raising awareness of racism through promoting positive images, public media campaigns, mentoring Roma in public authorities and extensive networks
• Understanding and analysis racism through research
• Supporting the official recognition of anti-Gypsyism as a specific form of racism targeting Roma people at all levels and especially in the partner countries
• Promotion of the human rights perspective and equal citizenship of Roma through established Common Community Prevention Policy
• Emphasizing the importance of political will when fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism and the importance of ensuring the partner countries accountability for their actions
• Enhancing the importance of sensitising the mainstream population, service providers, including teachers, public servants about various forms of discrimination and anti-Gypsyism
• Supporting the fight against all forms of anti-Gypsyism in education and the employment sector
• Supporting the participation of youth Roma in public arenas and in education
• Enforcement of antidiscrimination legislation, independence of equality bodies from political parties and access to justice
• Establishment of an effective coordination and cooperation platform to ensure the partnership among all stakeholders in implementing Roma integration
• Linkages between local and national levels and also between national and European levels ensured
• Enhancement of visibility of European tools and frameworks should be increased at the national level
• Increasing the participation of Roma youth and children in education and employment


1. UC Limburg vzw, BE
2. RomPraha, Czech Republic
3. Komunikujeme o.p.s., Czech Republic
4. House of National Minorities, Czech Republic
5. Consorzio Innopolis, Italy
6. Fondazione Leone Moressa, Italy
7. Comune di Reggio Emilia, Italy
8. Institute of Psychosocial Development, Greece
9. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece
10. ANATOLIKI SA, Greece
11. University Rehabilitation Institute, Slovenia
12. Drustvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto, Slovenia
13. Asociatia MERGI INAINTE,Romania
16. Ayntamiento de Murcia, Spain
17. SRDA, Belgium
18. Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary
19. UCCU Alapitvany, Hungary
20. ALDA, France

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