Branding EU-Branding and Extroversion of EU Enterprises


Strategic Partnership for Vocational education and training, Key Action: cooperation for Innovation and exchange of best practices, ERASMUS + 2015


Aim of the project:

The main aim of the proposed project is to provide the tools and training materials to members of the target group in order to develop an attitude of extroversion and brand their product or services, which will result to the increase of sale and the beginning or increasing of exports. Furthermore, the project aims at promoting in the partner countries the culture of extroversion for an organization, promote and develop branding strategies for the products or services of an organization; develop a state of art guide regarding extroversion and branding, as well as drafting a European report regarding these two sectors and their impacts in other organizations.


Target Groups

Enterprises, self-employed, VET organizations, training organizations, chambers of Commerce, Employers Federations.



Kisalföld Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, Hungary


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-SopronCounty, Hungary
  • Association Intercultural Europe – Go Europe, Spain
  • G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd, Cyprus
  • OECON GROUP, Greece



01/09/2015 till 01/09/2017


For more information please visit the project website www.brandingeu.com.


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